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Medical Gowns


***Turnaround Time for Hand Sanitizers is 5-10 Days***

***Turnaround Time for Masks is 5-10 Days***

Medical Gowns

PPE Supplies (COVID-19)

Medical Gowns

DEGLB2 Provides PPE Supplies to:

Disposable Masks

Non-Surgical Masks (Disposable 3 Layer), Ear Loop

  1. Non-Surgical Mask (Level 1)
  2. Non-Surgical Mask (Level 2)
  3. Non-Surgical Mask w/o Shield (Level 3)

Surgical Masks (Disposable 3 Layer), Ear Loop

  1. Surgical Mask (Level 1)
  2. Surgical Mask (Level 2)
  3. Surgical Mask w/o Shield (Level 3)

Hand Sanitizers

Disinfect Wipes

Disinfect Wipes (80 Count) - (100 Count)

We Can Provide ANY Other PPE Supplies or Equipment you Need Such as:

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