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Commercial/Residential Renovation/New Construction:

DEGLB2 CONTRACTOS, LLC offers Design/Build and General Contracting services to clients looking to construct their new facility whether it be a Residential, Multi-Family, Restaurant, Office building, Strip Center or any other structure.

Pre-Construction Phase:

Planning is the most important step in the construction process. What are the owner’s goals and objectives for the project? What is the desired finished product? What franchise standards, if any, must be met? When must the project be finished? What is the overall budget for the project? How often would the owner like to meet – monthly, or as needed?

After establishing goals and objectives, we will create a project timeline that details all the steps involved in reaching the overall goal. The timeline contains time and milestone estimates for all the subcontractors who must complete their work in a certain order, and when various materials must be available on-site, for the project to be completed.

We then work with the owner’s chosen architects and engineers on the design plans to ensuring their drawings can be executed, and collaborate with them to adjust plans as needed. We also work with the subcontractors to familiarize them with the building documents and plans.

The next step is to prepare bid documents and receive quotes from subcontractors for the work involved. During this phase, we are very involved in explaining the scope of work and making sure the owner’s interests are well represented. The best qualified low bidders or suppliers are generally awarded the bids.

New Construction New Residential Construction

Construction Phase:

At the start of the construction phase, we will review and manage the construction sites logistics. Questions at this stage include aspects such as installing construction fencing for safety, identifying parking for trailers and equipment, ensuring state and federal environmental protection requirements are met, installing sanitary facilities for workers, and identifying staging areas for materials. Safety is paramount, and this preparation is the foundation for a safe jobsite.

Once construction begins, we manage and coordinate all of the subcontractors on the project, as well as deliveries of equipment and building materials.

We will continuously monitor progress while ensuring compliance with architectural and engineering plans, coordinating change orders when required, and conducting weekly progress meetings with subcontractors.

We also monitor invoices from subcontractors and suppliers, ensuring they are billing for the actual work completed or items delivered. Using this documentation, we will work with the Owner or Funds Manager to compile and submit progress draws.

Perhaps most importantly, we monitor jobsite safety and make adjustments where needed.

We will meet with the Owner on the schedule established at the beginning of the project.

Post-Construction Phase:

We will ensure all equipment is functioning properly, including elevators, HVAC, electrical, and other equipment; and will ensure the owner’s staff understands how to operate and maintain all equipment. The Owner will be provided a copy of all manuals, warranty documents, and red-line drawings of the project.

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