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Sidewalk Repair

If you have a broken sidewalk or uneven sidewalk in need of repair, DEGLB2 CONTRACTORS has the skilled technicians that will successfully perform all of your necessary concrete sidewalk repairs. Whether your existing concrete sidewalk is suffering from root damage, water damage, in need of crack repair, or if you need to have your sidewalk resurfaced DEGLB2 will gladly help find the affordable and right solution for you. Over the years, DEGLB2 CONTRACTORS has become very reputable as a concrete sidewalk repair and installation contractor in the DMV area.

Epoxy Injection

When there are cracks on your concrete decks, foundation concrete walls or retaining wall, epoxy injection is recommended when repairing cracks, caulking, re-caulking, urethane infusion, waterproofing, concrete cutting, joint fixing, painting, cement cracks, or cleaning concrete.

Concrete Repair

A concrete deck repair, done correctly, can add countless years to the serviceable life of your concrete deck. DEGLB2’s professionals are full service concrete deck restoration contractors that have the skill required to perform deck repairs, concrete resurfacing, concrete surface repair, restore deck coatings and apply all the latest in concrete deck coating and elastomeric deck coating materials and products. After a thorough investigation into the causes of the deterioration of your current deck, DEGLB2’s investigators will provide you with the most cost efficient deck restoration costs in the business. DEGLB2 CONTRACTORS are reliable concrete repair contractors in MARYLAND AND WASHINGTON DC. We focus our repair services in concrete crack repair, including concrete floor, concrete slab, concrete floor repair, concrete cracks, concrete foundation and concrete stair repair, replacement and installation. DEGLB2 offers many commercial, industrial, and concrete repair services. For over to 18 years, DEGLB2 has been performing structural concrete repair projects for property managers, owners, and general contractors on numerous types of commercial and industrial projects.

Concrete Balcony Repair

Balcony repairs often begin by evaluating the repairs necessary for the concrete. Cracks in the concrete, even hairline cracks, of a balcony will prove to be problematic in the elements of the northeast. DEGLB2’s first steps will be to investigative the causes of the deterioration to determine underlying conditions. Once the causes are determined, DEGLB2’s professionals will repair the concrete balcony and any accompanying balcony railings. The keys to concrete repair or balcony replacement include removing all deteriorated concrete and steel, exposing corroded re-enforcing steel, surface prep of remaining exposed steel and concrete, and the application of an appropriate patching material with similar properties to the original concrete. The proper treatment of steel and concrete will ensure the longevity of your balcony restoration.

Concrete Sidewalks

Sidewalks free of cracks, breaks, separation and other hazards are critical to not only keeping your commercial property safe, but they also create an aesthetically appealing environment for your visitors. DEGLB2 CONTRACTORS has become one the best sidewalk repair contractors, and they will handle all of your sidewalk repair needs quickly, affordably, and professionally. DEGLB2’s team can efficiently repair your concrete sidewalk or perform a full scale sidewalk replacement. They are equally skilled in repairing sidewalk drains to improve the drainage, and are experts at sidewalk expansion joint repair.

Stamped Concrete Patio

Concrete Replacement & Resurfacing

The typical reason for replacing concrete is that it is irreparably damaged. How does DEGLB2 determine whether or not concrete has to be replaced or repaired? We start by determining the extent of the damage, and whether the damage is structural or superficial. We then discuss the most economical and long term solution to replace your damaged concrete free of cracks, breaks, separation and other hazards are critical to not only keeping your property safe, but they also create an appealing environment for your visitors.

Concrete Waterproofing

Elements in the environment can cause significant aesthetic and structural damage to buildings. Taking preventative measures can greatly reduce structural deterioration caused by exposure to both natural and man-made hazards. DEGLB2 offers a wide array of concrete waterproofing services as follows, Urethane and elastomeric waterproof coatings for decks and balconies, Waterproof fluid-applied and sheet membranes for concrete walls and foundations, concrete restoration, waterproofing, and spall repair, Above-grade and below-grade urethane and epoxy injection for walls and foundations concrete waterproof sealant installation, concrete crack injection and waterproofing as well as other structure protection related services.

Foundation Repair

DEGLB2 CONTRACTORS offers foundation repair services for commercial clients throughout MARYLAND and WASHINGTON DC. We are a licensed contractor, with commercial foundation repair and foundation crack repair experience on office building, landmark building and other commercial properties. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your foundation, and provide you with detailed information about your foundation issues. This will ensure that you have a clear and complete understanding of the damage to your foundation, and we’ll provide a cost efficient proposal with the best options and strategies to repair your foundation. Contact us for a free foundation inspection of your commercial project.

Foundation Waterproofing Systems

DEGLB2 has made a name for its self in the business as an upcoming foundation waterproofing contracting company. We provide professional installation of many types of exterior and interior foundation waterproofing systems for office buildings, industrial buildings, and other commercial properties in MARYLAND and WASHINGTON DC. Waterproofing foundation walls is vital in upholding the structural integrity of the foundation, because foundation cracks can allow water to enter the structure, causing damage to the structure interior, allow mold to form, and possibly lead to the loss of structural integrity. Epoxy injection is one method we utilize to restore the structural integrity and create an impervious seal to prevent air, water, and other contamination from entering the foundation. At DEGLB2 we are confident that we will be able to handle all of your foundation repair and foundation waterproofing needs.

Parking Garage Restoration

Parking garages are subjected to abuse from traffic, water penetration, de-icing chemicals and oil. Parking garage repairs frequently involve repairs to both the parking deck surface and to overhead concrete structures. DEGLB2’s team of experts will inspect the parking garage for any spalled, cracked, stained, or deteriorated concrete and repair or remove it if found. After we complete all required repairs to the parking garage, DEGLB2 Restoration specializes in parking garage restoration and repair. We are the region’s leaders in parking garage repair, parking garage maintenance, and parking garage construction. DEGLB2’s team of parking garage contractors and solve the smallest problems in parking decks and garages such as sealant and expansion joint repair, commercial garage crack repair, spalling, or de-lamination. Our team will also address any corrosion of reinforcing steel (rebar), rust stains and leaks. DEGLB2’s repair team will treat all of the concrete surfaces with a concrete deck coating. This will be accomplished by protecting the surface with the application of a waterproof membrane , such as an, epoxy deck coating, or a urethane deck coating.

Balcony Waterproofing

All cracks, no matter the size, will allow water to penetrate the concrete. As the temperature drops, the water freezes, the ice expands, which creates larger cracks. This water penetration can also affect the steel reinforcement frame of the balcony, causing it to rust and often leading to concrete spalling. DEGLB2 will help eliminate water penetration by applying various types of waterproofing systems depending on the customer’s balcony requirements. DEGLB2’s team of experts has the skills required to repair concrete and waterproof your apartment, high rise commercial property, or commercial balcony.

DEGLB2 Contractors

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