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DEGLB2 CONTRACTORS, LLC is a multi-faceted general contracting company based out of Prince George’s County, Maryland. With over 19 years of experience in construction management and over 24 years in scientific and professional consulting, DEGLB2 CONTRACTORS, LLC is recognized as a premier construction management, design build and public health consultative service company. Respected throughout the industry for our meticulous craftsmanship and commitment to customer service. We have the ability to provide a wide array of services which can reduce the number of different subcontractors.

DEGLB2 is in the business of building strong long-lasting relationships with current, potential and future clients in each facet of business we develop. From the construction of LEED certified buildings to developing innovative public health programs to reduce health disparities; we endeavor to bring the same level of commitment to excellence to each project.

Through our research expertise, we provide a solid foundation of empirical support for our partners and clients. Some of the areas include facilitation of stakeholder meetings and consensus building, professional development, program development and evaluation, grant writing, Policy development, team building and leadership development. We assist institutions in the planning and implementation of new programs complete with diagnostics and analysis of current conditions and practices to assist in grant and other funding source acquisitions.

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DEGLB2 maintains a staff of highly trained and capable team of public health professionals that work with clients to conduct a landscape analysis that fully integrates a needs assessment, analysis of similar programming in the geographic location, and potential resource evaluations. This landscape analysis is utilized to offer efficient integrative solutions to meet identified needs as well as to develop plans and strategies for intervention.

DEGLB2 has delivered highly reliable, innovative, and professional cadres of IT services to our clients in the private sector.

DEGLB2's IT professionals’ goal are to provide you with the best network security protection possible, while also keeping your unique needs and budget in mind.

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COVID19 Response & Planning

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COVID19 and the academic environment: As school districts prepare to invite students back to face-to-face instruction, we are poised to provide not only public health expertise but also teaching and learning plans for the roadmap back to school. Our consultants have experience in K-12, higher education, and local health departments to ensure your landscape analysis and master plans have considered best practices as they relate to: